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Father's Day Gift Guide

Dads can be difficult to shop for and with Father's Day JUST around the corner, you may be feeling a little at a loss.  BUT it's not too late to get dad something both useful and kind to our planet that he might not think to buy himself. We hope this gift guide will give you a few ideas of what to get dad this year.
Silicone Food Storage Bags: Perfect for the outdoorsy dad- for packing snacks hiking, camping or even lunch on the daily. Pair with our collapsible spork and spoon set with travel pouch. We know dads eat on the go, and this is a convenient way to combat plastic waste.
Dads deserve a little pampering too! Our shave and body bars have kaolin clay for that perfect close shave while moisturizing and hydrating skin at the same time. Use them for a full body wash down too! They come in two natural scents: Cedarwood and Eucalyptus.
Dads have need skincare too, but they may not treat themselves. Send them our Tea Tree + Charcoal Face Soap. Sudsy and extra cleansing to wash the work day off.
Pair with a bamboo soap dish to complete the package!
And for dads that like a simple morning routine:
And our Lavender & Sage aluminum-free deodorant. Plastic-free, vegan, and all natural yet strong enough to mask dad pit smell!
Lastly, for the dad that travels for work or for fun, gift our handcrafted bamboo toothbrush + toothbrush case. Stylish AND sustainable. 
Well there you have it, a few useful gift ideas for dads. We hope this was helpful, and that you find some way to show love to dad or dad-like figures in your life this June 21st.

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