As a precaution for COVID-19, many grocery stores have stopped allowing customers to bring their own bags & bulk sections are either non-existent or pre-bagged in plastic. 

While I see that it’s a necessary step for the time being, it can also create a LOT of additional plastic waste that will outlive us all. Here are some tips and tricks I’ve personally used to #skiptheplastic at the store:

✔️Ask for paper! Use paper from the bakery or mushroom section to bag produce that needs to be bagged.

✔️Skip the produce bags altogether. Most produce does NOT actually need to be bagged, except for small items like mushrooms. Group like-items together at the checkout to make it easier for your clerk. Thoroughly wash your fruits and veggies when you get home (distilled vinegar in water & scrub with our sisal kitchen brush works great for this!) Hope you're going to do this regardless!

✔️Skip the bagging in the store altogether- just put everything back in the cart and bag them in your car with your own bags or boxes. Yes, this is an extra step for you, but the planet will thank you for it.

✔️Store doesn’t provide paper bags? Ask for or use a cardboard box that is already IN the store. I’ve even found empty boxes on shelves to do this while I shop- making the checkout process easy and quick. 

Of course, bulk shopping is a no-go, so look for items in recyclable packaging: cardboard, kraft paper pouches, or glass and in larger portions. It's not going to be zero waste, but with a little creativity, we can still stick to our principles and #stopplastic!

Disclaimer: We are in no shape or form experts in disease control. Refer to the CDC guidelines to stay up-to-date with how to protect yourself and stay safe.

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