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Ginger C.
Midnight Sky Bundle is our new family favorite!

We all agree that the shampoo lather is amazing and smells so good! The conditioner leaves our hair tangle free, shiny, soft, and smooth, no frizz. Hair washes so clean and after weeks of use, none of us have experienced any build-up at all. I am in my 50's with long graying hair, my daughter is late 20's with long color treated hair to her belt loops, and my son, also in his late 20's is who all I am collecting info for this review from. My hair looks and feels great for days and I love that I can run my fingers right thru it. I don't need my leave-in conditioner anymore! One less thing to buy. My daughter can easily comb thru her long hair too and using these bars has not affected her hair coloring. None of us has any frizzing. My son also reports having softer hair and likes how his scalp feels after using both. Does not leave any oiliness or filmy feeling. We all thought our hair felt lite and airy with a subtle fragrance of blueberries. We will definitely purchase these bars again!


5 Stars for Midnight Sky Shampoo and Conditioner! My 26 yr old son who also wanted to try them gives them 5 Stars. These bars have a gentle, fruity sweet, aroma of blueberries. It made me smile it was so good. While lathering, and yes it lathers great!, my hair had a soft silky feel to it even when I rinsed. My hair felt very clean. I'm early 50's with greying, long hair (haven't colored in 5 yrs). It's wavy/curly thick hair that's almost to the middle of my back. My son and I both used the Conditioner and it left our hair and scalp feeling moisturized. Our hair feels airy and soft, and has a pretty shine to it that has so far, lasted 3 days. My scalp hasn't itched at all and I haven't seen any flakes in my son's hair either. These bars leave a wonderful lite fragrance in your hair. Very subtle. We definitely will be buying them again because of how good they make our hair and scalp feel AND look after drying, AND because of the Amazing Smell of these shampoo and conditioner bars.


Love this combo, it’s great for my hair! Cleans well, leaves my hair soft and shiny and it’s not greasy after a day or two after cleaning like big name products! Highly recommend!

Murron Bruen
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Candace Tillman
love this product. I will order more of t...

love this product. I will order more of this!