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Zero Waste Organic Catnip
Zero Waste Organic Catnip
Zero Waste Organic Catnip

Zero Waste Organic Catnip

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Zero waste AMEOWZING organic catnip for your feline friends! 

How to Use: Use a small amount in cat toys, on cat scratchers, or sprinkle on the floor and watch your kitty fall into a catnip spell.  

Have non-refillable toy that has lost it's nip magic? Place the toy in the container of nip for a day to revitalize it. 

Mother Earth Approved: Packaged in an eco-friendly ethically made reusable jar from sustainable sourced paper.  Reuse it for treats for cats or human stuff.   It is biodegradable so you can plant nip, cat grass, or other seedlings in it and then place the entire jar in your garden.  MEOW!  

Size: 1 oz. silver vine catnip blend in an ethically made reusable jar from sustainable sources measuring: 3 1/2" x 3"

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