3 Reasons to Shop Small This Holiday Season


The holiday season is here, and winter deals are running through everyone’s minds this month! Simultaneously, we consumers now have another party to consider when gift shopping – our loving blue planet. According to a Vox reporter’s survey, the number one change people said they wanted to prioritize after the pandemic was to reduce their consumerism. And since 2020, over 82% of consumers say they’d spend more to support local businesses after the pandemic.

With the holidays nearing and sustainable gifting an option, why not consider shopping small this season? Shopping small means supporting local businesses over corporations – that means investing in your community and making a positive, social (heck, maybe even environmental!) impact.

Here are three reasons why shopping small gifts not only to our loved ones but to your community and Mother Earth as well.

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Less Negative Environmental Impact

According to Green Matters, Amazon emits approximately 44.4 million metric tons of CO2 on a yearly basis, a huge portion of it arising from Black Friday sales. Meanwhile, neighborhoods with more local businesses use 26% fewer automobile miles and offer 250% more donations per sale than corporations.

Shopping small lessens the traveling distance of goods – meaning more locally sourced, raw materials that leave a lesser carbon footprint. In addition, smaller businesses have been able to transition towards sustainable manufacturing at a faster rate than larger corporations. 

As Sustainable Business Management professor Rajat Panwar confirms on Global Trade:

“Large corporations are more motivated to use these [sustainable] initiatives as a means to achieve their financial objectives, whereas small businesses are more serious about making a real difference in their communities.”

Instead of a plastic toy from a giant retailer, why not purchase a locally handmade item instead? And rather than gift those generic socks on Christmas, how about teaching your loved ones about an eco-friendly lifestyle through a zero waste gift set

Supporting small businesses can make an even greater contribution to creating an eco-friendly holiday. By giving useful biodegradable products we use everyday or endlessly reusable products, you’ll be caring for the earth long after the holiday has passed!

biodegradable sustainable brushes and sponges

Biodegradable gift options offered by 

Support Small Businesses

There are numerous benefits when gift shopping at a small business. By shopping small, your investment increases jobs and pays local taxes, which also retains money circulation in your community. Economic resiliency is also increased – if an unfortunate crisis occurs, your community may have a better chance at rebounding back due to your shopping small habits.

Lastly, holiday presents from small shops offer more personable cheer! Rather than gifting your loved ones a factory-made item, your handcrafted, sustainable purchases will offer your friends and family a more personal connection to their gift

You and your loved ones won’t be the only ones smiling. For small businesses like MeMotherEarth, we find a huge appreciation for every purchase, no matter how big or small. We do a little dance with every order! Now that’s a gift that goes both ways this holiday season.

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Imperfection + Minimalism = Appreciation

Ever heard of Wabi-Sabi? A Japanese design aesthetic, Wabi-Sabi emerged from the Buddhist philosophy that everyday, imperfect items can also bring beauty and appreciation in their own unique way. 

Consumers have recently picked up on this concept through reducing and reusing. According to Statista, a growing majority of Americans would reuse broken products if they are repaired instead of throwing them away. And out of a survey of over 1,000 participants, 40% of Americans were either minimalists or desired to be one.

In summary, less is more! Appreciating simplistic items from local businesses can offer a more wholesome lifestyle. If you’re interested in adopting Wabi-Sabi habits, consider sustainable and reusable items such as our zero-waste kitchen set. Not only is it an eco-friendly gift offered by a small business – the products can be replaced, composted, and reused an endless amount of times but without the plastic waste!


Whether it may be adopting a simplistic lifestyle, supporting your community, or giving Mother Earth a breath of fresh air, your actions by shopping small can offer mighty results this time of year.

Remember – Mother Earth doesn’t take holidays off! Make an impact while gifting to your loved ones this holiday season. 

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