About Us- Me Mother Earth

Alberto and Amanda

We are a husband and wife team local to Las Vegas. Alberto is originally from Rio, Brazil and myself, Amanda grew up in Washington state. We started this company with one product- our collapsible straw kit. As big travelers ourselves, we wanted to create something that was convenient enough to bring along everywhere and begin to eliminate single-use plastic in our daily lives. For a lot of people, it starts with a straw and our kit also includes reusable cutlery!

We began our journey selling at craft fairs, markets and events to get the opportunity to talk face to face with people about the importance of making simple swaps to reduce our impact on our Mother Earth. As we continued our personal sustainable journeys, we felt the urge to expand and make more plastic-free products accessible to others.

All of our products reduce the need for plastics, are made of natural materials or are endlessly reusable without complicating our busy lives. 

We test all of our products personally and actually love and use them ourselves. We want to make sure we only bring the very best quality so you can permanently swap from plastic in your home.

Although we have been doing this for a few years now, we aren't experts in plastic-free & sustainable living, and we face the same challenges everyone else does...ugh food packaging! Our passion and love for our one and only Mother Earth drives us to educate and encourage those around us to get on board with more conscious, sustainable, and plastic-free living, however that might look like for you.

We live the lifestyle as best we can and are learning more everyday. Alberto was using plastic bags when I met him years ago- we've come a long way from our former selves. We advocate not only for the planet but for every living being on it, and are proud to say that all of our products are vegan and cruelty free. You can find us on the Leaping Bunny compassionate shopping guide here.  We donate to ocean conservation and other environmental organizations too. Read more about our mission + impact here.

We believe everyone has the ability to make a positive impact on our Mother Earth, and we hope that you will join us, so we can make some real change together. By swapping to earth-friendly products, we can not only help reduce plastic waste but send a clear message to corporate polluters, and provide a cleaner planet for all.

Change begins with you + ME.