In our quest for a more sustainable lifestyle, the bathroom is a crucial place to start. Everyday bathroom products, often made of unrecyclable mixed materials, contribute significantly to pollution, filling up landfills and oceans for centuries. Transitioning away from plastic doesn't have to be daunting or expensive. Here are 5 simple plastic-free bathroom swaps that contribute to a better tomorrow:

1. Embrace the Bamboo Toothbrush Revolution

Ditch the plastic toothbrush and opt for a bamboo alternative. At prices starting from just $8.99 for a 4-pack, our bamboo toothbrushes offer a sustainable choice with plastic-free packaging, setting us apart from many competitors. Have an electric toothbrush and not ready to part with it? We have a solution for that also with our Sonicare compatible bamboo toothbrush heads.

bamboo sonicare toothbrush heads

2. Eco-Friendly Flossing with a Refillable Container

Make a conscious choice by switching to biodegradable floss, housed in a reusable and refillable glass, stainless steel or bamboo container. With an endlessly reusable and refillable container, you can just buy the biodegradable floss refills and reduce plastic waste from packaging and miles and miles of nylon floss over your lifetime. Try it here with free shipping - making it an economical and eco-friendly option.

sustainable vegan dental floss

3. Cleanse Naturally with Bar Soaps

Transition from liquid to bar soap for a more natural and planet-friendly cleansing experience. By using bar soap, you can significantly reduce your plastic waste since they come minimally packaged in kraft paper, and they also tend to last longer. Explore our collection of all-natural, handcrafted bar soaps, starting at $6.99, and treat your body and the environment with care.

natural soap bars

4. Lather Responsibly with Shampoo Bars + Conditioner Bars

Bid farewell to plastic shampoo and conditioner bottles and welcome it in bar form! Bars last 50+ washes, shampoo and conditioner bars provide a rich lather and a sustainable alternative to liquid and plastic bottled shampoo and conditioner.  Plus they make travel SO easy! Handcrafted by a small, female owned business in the USA, these bars are priced affordably between $10.99-12.99.

Shampoo and Conditioner Bars that work

5. Sisal Soap Saving Pouch: Extend the Life of Your Soap Bars

Opt for a Sisal Soap Saving Pouch instead of plastic loofahs. Made from agave plant fibers, soap saver pouches allow you to use up all tiny soap remnants and maximize your soap bars. Priced at $3.99, our soap pouches are 100% biodegradable and machine washable, offering excellent lathering and gentle exfoliation that you can reuse for upwards of a couple years vs the disposable plastic loofahs. 

soap pouch

Commit to a Sustainable Future

By adopting these effortless bathroom swaps, you not only reduce your environmental footprint but also contribute to a more sustainable future for all. Let's join hands in making choices that resonate with both our pocketbooks and Mother Earth!

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