Earth Day is an important day for all of us to reflect on the state of our Mother Earth and the actions we can take to protect it. However, it's not just about what we do on Earth Day or even Earth Month, but what we continue to do in the days, weeks, and months ahead. Here are some tips for how to continue taking action after Earth Day:

  1. Set goals: One of the best ways to keep yourself accountable is by setting goals for yourself. These can be short-term or long-term goals, but make sure they are specific, measurable, and attainable. For example, you might set a goal to bike to work one per week in the next month or to start a home compost or to shop more at local farmer's markets... whatever it may be, think small, and actually attainable actions. 

  2. Make sustainable changes: Take the ideas and inspiration you gained on Earth Day and make them a part of your daily life. Replace disposable items with reusable ones like paper towels for Swedish Dishcloths, switch to eco-friendly cleaning products like our liquid Castile soap, reduce your meat consumption, and invest in LED lightbulbs or chargeable batteries when the ones you have run out. sustainable cleaning products

  3. Stay informed: Knowledge is power, so stay informed about environmental issues and the latest innovations in sustainability. Subscribe to environmental blogs (like this one!) and newsletters, and follow organizations that focus on environmental issues on social media. Just a few of the organizations we love: Plastic Oceans International, 5 Gyres, The Ocean Cleanup, Coral Gardeners, The Oceancy, the Ocean Conservancy, and more!

  4. Get involved: There are many organizations and groups working to protect the environment, and they need your help. Find a group that aligns with your values and get involved in their efforts. Whether it's participating in a beach cleanup, volunteering at a local nature reserve, or advocating for environmental policies, your actions can make a difference.plant a tree

  5. Educate others: Share what you've learned with others, including friends, family, and colleagues. Discussing environmental issues and solutions with others can help raise awareness and inspire action. Heck, even sharing our posts and products on social media helps raise awareness!

Remember, Earth Day is just the beginning of a year-round effort to protect our Mother Earth. By setting goals, making sustainable changes, staying informed, getting involved, and educating others, you can continue to take action and make a positive impact on our planet long after Earth Day has passed.

Small steps matter.

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