And just like that, another Plastic Free July has come to an end. For the uninitiated, Plastic Free July is a global movement that inspires millions of people to become a part of the solution to the world's plastic problem. The initiative calls on individuals, businesses, and organizations worldwide to make a concerted effort to refuse single-use plastics for the entire month of July.

Plastic Free July plays a pivotal role in raising awareness about this problem. Throughout the month, stories of plastic pollution, along with informative content on its implications, have found their way into our social media feeds, conversations, and even mainstream media. The campaign has spurred dialogues, making more people conscious of their plastic consumption, understanding the implications, and learning about alternatives.

But now that August has rolled around, it begs the question: where do we go from here?

The Lessons from Plastic Free July

This annual event's primary aim is not just to reduce plastic usage in July but to educate and inspire long-term changes in our everyday habits. We've all learned so much over the past month – about the plastic crisis, about our ability to adapt, and about the significant impact small changes can make.

We Can Live With Less Plastic

For many, Plastic Free July proved that we could survive - and even thrive - without the amount of plastic we are accustomed to. From refusing plastic bags, straws, and cutlery to buying in bulk and choosing products with less (or no) packaging, the month showed us how many alternatives exist to the single-use plastics we often thoughtlessly consume.

We Can Influence Others

By participating in Plastic Free July, we have not only altered our habits but also influenced those around us. Every conversation we've had about why we're refusing a plastic bag, bringing our coffee cup or saying "NO straw" has the potential to spark change in others.

Sustainability is a Journey

Plastic Free July highlighted that the path to sustainability is not without its challenges. With the omnipresence of plastic in our lives—from food packaging to hygiene products—it can be daunting to drastically reduce our reliance on it. You might have found yourself faced with unavoidable single-use plastic items, or maybe you slipped up, forgetting to request 'no straw' with your drink. Or maybe you requested it, but the server missed it. Perhaps finding affordable or accessible plastic-free alternatives for certain products proved more challenging than anticipated. That's okay! The journey to plastic-free living isn't about perfection; it's about making better choices wherever we can within our means. The key takeaway is that the journey to a plastic-free lifestyle isn't about achieving absolute perfection. Instead, it's about recognizing our consumption patterns, making conscious and informed choices, and continually striving to do better. Each refusal of a plastic straw, each remembered reusable bag, and each thoughtful decision, regardless of how small, contributes to a broader, more significant goal. 

Beyond July: Continuing the Journey

While Plastic Free July is a fantastic starting point, it's important to carry its momentum forward. So, what can we do?

Implement Permanent Changes

Make the sustainable practices you adopted during July a permanent part of your lifestyle. Keep using those reusable shopping bags, and continue to refuse single-use plastics whenever possible. It's about creating your new "normal."

Learn and Innovate

Did you find any areas challenging to navigate plastic-free during July? Maybe it was difficult to find certain products without plastic packaging, or perhaps your local takeout options were less than cooperative. Use these challenges as an opportunity to innovate and find new solutions.

Advocate for Change

We've seen firsthand the power that comes from collective action. Continue to talk about your efforts with your friends, family, and even your local businesses and government. The more people aware and committed to reducing plastic use, the more significant the overall impact.

Support Sustainable Businesses

Our purchasing power is one of the most effective ways we can make a difference. Support businesses that are working hard to reduce their plastic use and have sustainable practices. *cough* We can help with this one!


Even though Plastic Free July has officially ended, our work does not stop here. It was a reminder of the role we play in combating the plastic pollution crisis. Remember, every small change is a drop in the ocean. Let's continue the fight for a plastic-free planet, not just in July, but every day.

Mother Earth Thanks You!

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