Plastic Free July is a great opportunity to reduce your plastic consumption and contribute to a healthier planet. But why not add a little fun and friendly competition to the challenge? This year, try competing with a friend to see who can accumulate less plastic waste for the month, and make the experience more enjoyable and motivating. Here’s how to get started and make the most out of your Plastic Free July Challenge.

1. Set the Ground Rules

Before you start, agree on some basic rules with your friend to ensure a fair competition. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Define Single-Use Plastic: Decide what counts as single-use plastic!
    • plastic bags, straws, plastic bottles, receipts, plastic packaging, clothing tags, food packaging, takeout containers, + more.
  • Track Your Plastic: Keep all of your plastic and count it at the end of the month OR keep a log of all the plastic items you use each day.
  • Establish a Time Frame: Commit to the entire month of July or choose specific weeks to compete.
  • Set a Reward: Agree on a fun reward for the winner, like treating them to a plastic-free picnic or a Me Mother Earth Gift Card 😉

2. Get Prepared

Equip yourself with reusable alternatives to minimize plastic use. Some essentials:

Reusable Bags: Our "One Tripper" or our Half mesh Tote bags for general shopping. Reusable produce and bulk bags for fruits, vegetables and bulk food.

Stainless Steel Water Bottles: Perfect way to avoid single use water bottles and stay hydrated on the go.

Food Storage: Our Silicone Bowl covers and Vegan Wax Wraps help avoid plastic wrap and plastic baggies.

Collapsible Straw and Cutlery Set: great for eating + drinking on the go without the plastic. 

3. Create a Tracking System

To keep track of your plastic usage, create a simple tracking system. This could be a shared Google Sheet, a dedicated notebook, or even a box/container where you collect all your plastic waste. At the end of the month, see how much would have gone straight to the landfill. This visual representation can be a powerful motivator.

Competition doesn't mean gatekeeping

Share Tips and Tricks

Make the competition more collaborative by sharing tips and tricks to reduce plastic waste. For example:

  • Bulk Shopping: Buy items in bulk to avoid plastic packaging.
  • DIY Products: Make your own cleaning and personal care products.
  • Plastic-Free Stores: Find local or online stores that offer plastic-free options.
  • Community Resources: Join local groups or online communities for additional support and ideas.

Plan Plastic-Free Activities Together

Spend time with your friend doing activities that support your plastic-free goals. Here are some ideas:

  • Farmers' Market Trips: Visit farmers' markets to buy fresh produce without plastic.
  • DIY Workshops: Host workshops to make your own plastic-free products, like wax wraps, candles, soap, and more.
  • Beach Cleanups: Organize a beach or park cleanup to collect plastic waste and raise awareness.
  • Cook Plastic-Free Meals: Challenge each other to cook meals using ingredients with minimal or no plastic packaging. Shopping in bulk will be key!

Celebrate Milestones

Recognize and celebrate milestones throughout the month. For example, celebrate when you’ve gone a whole week without using plastic bags or when you’ve successfully replaced a plastic product with a sustainable alternative. These small celebrations can keep you motivated and make the challenge more enjoyable.

Reflect and Learn

At the end of Plastic Free July, take time to reflect on your experience with your friend. Discuss what you’ve learned, the challenges you faced, and the successes you achieved. Use this reflection to plan how you can continue reducing plastic waste in your daily lives.

Share Your Journey

Document your Plastic Free July journey and share it on social media - Tag us! We want to see your journey. This can inspire others to join the movement and start their own plastic-free challenges. Plus, it’s a great way to showcase your progress and the fun you had competing with your friend.

So join us this July and have a friendly competition with a friend to see who can accumulate less plastic waste! It only adds an element of fun and motivation to the the Plastic Free July Challenge. By setting ground rules, getting prepared, creating a tracking system, sharing tips, planning plastic-free activities, celebrating milestones, reflecting, and sharing your journey, you can make the experience not just impactful but enjoyable! So, grab a friend, embrace the challenge, and make Plastic Free July a fun and rewarding adventure! 

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