Lift it Up! Bamboo Soap Dish


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best dish soap ever!

I love this lightweight dish soap! The shape is just what I needed for my family! We share a bathroom with 10+ people so lugging our stuff in/out of the bathroom is a chore, but this tray helps a lot! The depth is great so that the soap won't fall out! The smooth finish feels so good and is perfect so that my kids don't get splinters! The elevated part is great because it keeps the water from pooling and allows the soap bars to dry! I LOVE IT! highly recommend.

Well made and looks great! I thought it'd...

Well made and looks great! I thought it'd come with a drip catcher, but it doesn't so the bottom is open and I need to find a solution for that. But my fault for not realizing.

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Ginger C.
Pretty Bamboo Soap Dish

I think these bamboo soap dishes look pretty in my kitchen and bathroom. The bamboo wood is sturdy with rounded, smooth edges. Even the ME-Mother Earth three tree logo is pretty to me. I like that this soap dish has 5 wide, thick, wood slats (definitely thicker than a Popsicle stick) along the bottom, of course with room for air to circulate. The sides are thick and are a good height to keep my dish block soap from sliding around. My New Midnight Sky shampoo and conditioner bars I got from here, are Fabulous!, they fit great, and this dish keeps them out of water, and also allows them to dry out between uses. I have a few bamboo products. They are easy to care for and last a long time. I got a food grade mineral oil made for things like my bamboo utensils and cutting board. Very inexpensive. Every now and then, making sure my bamboo is dry, I apply a thin layer to the wood and let it soak in. When it comes time to get rid of these dishes I'll toss them in with my compost.


Very pretty bamboo soap dish that feels sturdy and can hold a dish block bar or a set of Shampoo and Conditioner Bars. I like that it has 5 wide slats that support the soap or hair bars, especially when they become smaller, to keep from going thru the cracks, but also allows them to get air to dry out better. I also like that it has 4 sides that keep the bars in place. I have used bamboo dish trays before and they are very easy to care for if you follow their simple directions. I love the way this one looks and functions in my kitchen and bathroom. They last a long time and whenever they do finally wear out, you can bury in your yard, compost, or recycle! I like to compost. I like how sleek looking these are at my kitchen sink and in my bathroom, and the ME-Mother Earth Logo is super cool looking to me.


I was excited to use these as they are so cute and such a great idea but sadly I have had them for less than a month and just noticed some mold growth on them today :(