UNPASTE Toothpaste Tablets


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People love my teeth

I've been using Unpaste for quite some time now - and I love it except for the fact that it has stevia. When I have too much stevia, my throat gets scratchy, so thankfully this isn't something I have to drink. It has a slight mint taste, but not too minty - so that's great since I hate when extreme minty toothpaste flavor overpower my sinuses. Since I started using tooth tabs, people have been asking what I've been using to whiten my teeth - so that's a plus.

Works but tastes rancid

I didn't expect these to taste great or anything but the first time I bit into one, I cringed, gagged and had to power chew the tab to get over the awful flavor. I got the fluoride kind. They don't even taste like mint, more like if you sucked on an adult multivitamin like it was candy. They seem to work so I guess that's all that counts but I seriously shudder through the chewing process. Can't believe no other reviews mention the taste!

Lana Costello

Being vegan, I could not find a toothpaste that contained fluoride (which my dentist said I need). So happy I found this earth friendly, animal friendly toothpaste alternative. These tablets make my teeth feel so clean. I do not plan on going back to tubes ever again.

Awesome product

Love this product, it works well with my very old Sonicare. I prefer it over Huppy because I can see the difference before and after I brush my teeth. My teeth are noticeably whiter after using Unpaste. I'm so glad ME carries this brand because I buy a few other products from them.

E B Lynn

Excellent. The bamboo toothbrush is softer than store-bought plastic ones. The bristles are more tapered and go between my teeth better. The toothpaste tablets do a good job and take up much less space than a tube would. Personally I need about three tablets (four if I ate onions) instead of one.