Reusable Double Edge Safety Razor


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Razor cuts

Previously I have only ever used a venus razor. To reduce plastic waste I've have the same handle for 10-20 years and only switch the head out maybe once per year. And I never used anything special for shaving cream, whatever was around like castile soap. I wanted to move to zero plastic waste so I tried the zero waste shaving kit.

I have no idea how people are having so much success with this razor which I've been using with the rosemary mint shave soap for a couple months. Somehow this safety razor has gone terribly for me. If I go over a spot twice for thoroughness, I get razor burn. I've also cut myself shaving, for the first time in my life, numerous times (my ankles and my knees). Perhaps this razor requires a very different approach from the venus razor, but I don't see any information in the product description suggesting that is the case. I really wanted this to work so I've been sticking it out for a couple months...not sure what I'm going to do from here but the very strict return policy suggests a return isn't likely.

Marisa Weber
Excellent quality!! Will be a returning cu...

Excellent quality!! Will be a returning customer for their other products!


This is the best shave of my life! I love that I don’t have to worry about ingredients in a razor or blade.. Highly Recommend

Solange Harvey
1st time using it and I liked it much more...

1st time using it and I liked it much more than the plastic ones.

Phyllis Lang
Made the switch. Just like my Dad's old r...

Made the switch. Just like my Dad's old razor, and it works just fine. What were we thinking when we went to plastic?!