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Love these! Use them to clean so many diff...

Love these! Use them to clean so many different items.

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Waste of money

I rarely have ever written a one start review like this. Usually I sneer when I see a one star review. "That person is obviously jaded, ect"

In this case I am basing my opinion on the quality of the product, and in comparison to other similar producs. I have used other coconut scrubbies before, I have purchased them from the Asian market and they were always of very high quality and lasted a long time.

This one shed its bristles all over my sink with each use. As another reviewer mentioned, that amount of shedding is unacceptable. It was like using a molting animal to clean my dishes, and left the area a total mess. After three or four days of use I threw it in the garbage bin.

I won't be purchasing this again.

This was shedding bristles before I even put it to use; the paper bag it was in was already littered with them. They continued to shed copiously as I used the brush, diminishing in size and scrubby surface area with each use until some of the metal underpining was exposed. This isn't desirable when you're trying to get stuck-on food off of, say, an enamel-coated cast iron pot.

I'd like to pre-empt the explanation than the product description mentions shedding as a sort of buyer beware caveat. The amount of shedding I experienced with this product was, for me, beyond the minimal amount I would expect that caveat to reasonably cover, and diminishes significantly the "long-lasting" selling point.

Sure, others' experiences might be different, or the features of this item may be enough for some that they're willing to deal with the detractions. But I'll be looking at other items for heavy-duty, plastic-free scrubbing, and would rather not have any reply at all than one that seeks to convince me that somehow the product description covers for the disappointing performance of this item, as I saw in reply to another low review.

Heather Koepp
Beyond amazing absolutely love it gets all...

Beyond amazing absolutely love it gets all those tough spots off the dishes