10 Eco Gifts Under $10

Everyone is on a budget this year. You can still gift sustainably but without breaking the bank with these 10 gifts under $10:

1. Wood Holiday Ornament- a gift for anyone especially those who need a good laugh this year. $6.99
2. Bamboo Mason Jar Lid- pair with a repurposed or thrifted glass jar for the cutest sustainable drinking cup. $5.99+
3. Cotton Muslin Bags- You can never have too many storage bags for food or otherwise. Use these to wrap gifts too, so the wrapping is part of the gift! $8.49
4. Collapsible Boba/Smoothie Straw- These extra wide tipped straws collapse down to pocket size and are perfect for boba tea or the smoothie lover. $6.49
5. Mesh Market Bag- again, you can never have too many bags! These bags are stylish and the perfect way to pick up some plastic-free produce from your local market. $7.99
6. Vegan Lip Balm- It’s nearly Winter and you can never have too many lip balms. $6.49
7. Lava Pumice Stone- Gift with a homemade sugar scrub for the perfect sustainable self-care kit. $7.49
8. Collapsible Cutlery Set- Great for plastic-free eating on the go! Pocket sized, so no excuses. $9.99
9. Konjac Facial Cleansing Sponge- this lil guy is the perfect cleansing companion to smooth out flakey Winter skin and leave your face feeling clean. Pair with your favorite facial cleanser or use by itself. $4.99
10. Biodegradable Bamboo Floss- This Bamboo Container is 𝓉𝒽𝑒 cutest, and everybody flosses.Β $9.99

Hope this gets you started or at least gives you ideas to gift sustainably this year and be kind to our Mother Earth.Β 

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