In a world that often seems overrun with consumerism and waste, finding ways to tread lightly on our planet is becoming increasingly important. One fantastic way to do this is by embracing thrifted-ISH and thrifted gift ideas that not only reduce waste but also add a layer of personalization and thoughtfulness to your gifts. Here are several unique gift ideas that combine thrifted finds with eco-conscious choices to make your loved ones smile while taking care of our Mother Earth.

1. Cozy Coffee Lover's Delight ☕️

One of the wonderful things about thrift stores is the treasure trove of unique and quirky items you can find. So, imagine stumbling upon a vintage holiday-themed mug that's just perfect for your coffee-loving friend!

Pair it with their favorite coffee beans or grounds (For bonus eco points, buy the coffee in bulk to minimize packaging), lovingly stored in a cleaned-up thrifted decorative jar.

To make this gift even more special, include a Me Mother Earth Nut Milk Bag which comes with a simple homemade oat milk recipe. 

Not only does this show you care about their coffee game, but it also reduces waste by avoiding single-use containers. Plus, it's a fun way for them to enjoy their homemade oat milk, adding a creamy and eco-friendly touch to their morning coffee routine. 

Holiday Coffee Mug with coffee beans and nut milk bag


2. Sustainable Teacher's Gifts 🌻

Teachers are unsung heroes, and they deserve our appreciation. Thrift stores often have charming and inexpensive finds, like decorative mason jars, that can make wonderful gifts. Pair the jars with our eco-friendly essentials like a Collapsible Straw Pack or a Collapsible Cutlery + Straw Kit, complete with Bamboo Mason Jar Lids for a thoughtful and useful gift. These versatile gifts are great for almost anyone on your list and further encourages the use of reusable alternatives to single-use plastic. Teachers, friends, and that person you might not know that well will surely appreciate your thoughtful and planet-conscious gesture. Want to see it come to life? Check it out HERE.

3. Versatile Vintage Charm 🪴

Thrift stores are gold mines of unique and charming dishes, and you can easily turn one into a personalized gift. There are many one-off decorative plates and dishes that can be paired with a small potted plant and a homemade scented candle. Alternatively, you could gift it with a plant cutting, allowing your loved one to nurture and grow their own love fern! Another idea is to transform it into a stylish jewelry dish and pair it with some beautiful jewelry from a local shop. The possibilities are endless, making this gift completely unique and personal. Plus, by thrifting and upcycling, you're giving a second life to forgotten items and reducing the demand for new products.

4. Hair Care Kit

I stumbled upon a "Hair Tie" jar during one of my thrift store adventures. It immediately sparked my creativity, and I knew it would make a super cute addition to a little haircare gift set I was putting together. This gift set includes our Biodegradable Hair Ties, a Bamboo Mason Jar Lid, a Bamboo Paddle Hairbrush, and our Leave-In Conditioning Spray. Watch it HERE 

Hair Care Kit with Hair Brush

These thrifted-ISH gift ideas not only demonstrate your thoughtfulness but also promote sustainable living. By choosing pre-loved items and eco-friendly accessories, you're not only saving money but also reducing your environmental footprint. So, next time you're on the hunt for the perfect gift, consider visiting your local thrift store to find hidden treasures that will make your loved ones feel special while caring for our beautiful planet.

Would you try thrifted-ish gifting??

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