👻 Oh my gourd!! Talk about scary, nearly 80% of all Halloween costumes end up in landfills each year! Not to mention the plastic candy wrappers, the pumpkin waste, oh my! But we can still enjoy the holiday without making as much of an impact.
Here are 6 Tips for a Low-Waste Halloween:

1. Buy Costumes Second-Hand, Make Your Own, or Do a Costume Swap with Friends.

2. Decorate with REAL Stuff- pumpkins, gourds, autumn leaves, dried corn, or make your own! Hit up #pinterest for ideas or check out our stories today for a little inspiration.
A few ideas: 

3. Use a reusable tote or old pillowcases for trick-or-treating. Add an element of fun and have the kiddos decorate their own.

4. Search for wrapped candy in bulk bins and buy only boxed, paper or foil wrapped candies. Boxed candies: milk duds, junior mints, dots, etc. Paper and foil wrapped candies: starbursts, salt water taffy, chocolate kisses, small peanut butter cups. Check the bulk section.

5. Give out fun fruit! Decorate mandarins like Jack-O-Lanterns, teenage mutant ninja turtle green apples, use crepe paper to turn apples, bananas, oranges into mummies.

6.  Each year 2 million pumpkins end up in landfills *yikes!! Purchase edible pumpkins this year to use the guts to make pie or eat the pumpkin seeds. Compost the rest after Halloween- you’ll be battling food waste and Co2 emissions from them ending up in landfills!
Hope you have a SPOOK-Y but not so wasteful holiday this year, and remember, it's about progress not perfection!

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