Always pack light with these 10 Plastic-Free Carry-On Items that make packing and traveling easier and kinder to our Mother Earth...

  1. Shampoo + conditioner bars 
  2. Bamboo travel toothbrush 
  3. Solid lotion bars 
  4. Toothpaste tablets + mouthwash tablets 
  5. Refillable biodegradable floss 
  6. Travel hairbrush 
  7. Facial cleansing bar
  8. Straw + cutlery set 
  9. Travel wine cups
  10. Reusable water bottle

If you didn't travel light before, seeing the sea of lost luggage at Heathrow airport and non-stop flight cancellations/disruptions around the world Summer 2022 might make you wanna. Post-pandemic travel is just different. Not to mention, heavier planes mean more emissions, so not only is traveling light better for the planet in that aspect but it's also less stress for you.

Here are some products you may not have thought about to travel with, but they'll make traveling and the carry-on process EASIER and may just save you money and headaches along the way...

Shampoo and conditioner bars are such a no brainer. All the clean shiny hair without the water and plastic bottle. I have a tin from some famously strong mints that works great for the pair. No liquid through security? Yes, please. Same same for my toothpaste tablets and mouthwash tablets. I just count out how many I need and pop them in some small container that I already have. 

I have developed the habit (a good one to have!) of repurposing everything, and consequently have a stash of small plastic jars from the bad old days. Keep a secret? An old plastic floss case, minus the spool thingy, works just fine.

Speaking of dental floss, a refillable stainless steel container takes up less space in your pack, is durable, and a swap your gums won't regret. Not to forget, my beloved travel toothbrush is well, just perfect and travel sized so it doesn’t hog the toiletry bag. Same thing goes for our travel hairbrush - perfect for that week away but without hogging all the bag space.

Another product that is space saving, liquid free, and can be used for both washing your face and body is our facial cleansing bars. Things are just better in bar form in so many ways. Which leads me to the miracle that is the lotion barTake all the water and unnecessary crap out of that plastic bottle and you have pure hydration heaven that lasts until your next foray into the pool or shower. Even better that I smell of sexy cinnamon and clove, perfect for any exotic locale including your patio. grrrr

Now for some that help you reduce your waste along the way while making eating/drinking out of hotel rooms, cars, on your many upcoming adventures easier and plastic free. The essentials: straw and cutlery set - attach it to your handbag, backpack or put it in your pocket; and it's just there whenever you need to decline a plastic straw or fork, have a meal on-the-go, etc. Water bottle too. This is a HUGE money and plastic saver. No thank you $8 airport water, I'll just use the refill station. Refill in hotel lobbies, bars, or gyms. It never hurts to ask, and people are generally impressed by your commitment to our planet!

Another one you may not have thought about it, is carrying your own squishy, unbreakable wine cups,  These can be used for more than just wine...getting a drink on the plane? A refreshing beverage at the beach? Having a drink in your hotel room? Squish these babies in your carry-on and never be caught thirsty OR with a plastic cup in your hand. Imagine all those drinks you get on vacation and how much waste you're going to save!

So there you have it. Ten eco-friendly and plastic-free carry-ons for your next vacay. Ten things that are also TSA friendly, minimal in size and weight, and accomplish all of the things they are meant to do without harming our Mother Earth. May your next journey be safe, healthy, and free from plastic and lost luggage!

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