One of my favorite things about Mother Earth, the planet, is water. It’s a big maybe if there are other planets that have it, so for now, let’s just be smug. Water is the very thing that makes our planet a place of luxurious life. You, sitting there reading this blog, are composed of about 60% water. Your brain, the thinky part, is composed of 75% water. Water is in every living thing - in fact life, as we know it, cannot exist without it. 

Oceans and rivers and rain are all part of magical ecosystems that keep things alive down here on Mother Earth. But of all that lovely wetness, only 3% is fresh water. You read that right, human, and of that 3% only .5% is available to living things such as yourself. The rest is tied up in the big icy places (that are growing smaller everyday, but that’s a different rant) or is deep underground or too polluted to be usable. Think of that when you leave the tap running while brushing your teeth, Karen.

tap running

The United States is blessed with mostly safe fresh water sources, in fact our water sources are considered the safest in the world. Oh yeah, I hear you say, ever heard of a place called Flint, Michigan? What the water crisis in Flint did was make it clear that water safety varies widely from water district to water district and that it is up to us - the consumers - to make sure our elected officials do their jobs. A report from 2015 estimated that some 77 million Americans were served by water districts that were not in compliance with the EPA. We might be in better shape than other parts of the world, but things are still not that rosy. 

By law, water districts must supply an annual water quality report or consumer confidence report, usually posted online, and are required to disclose if contaminants have been found in your water. Look that stuff up. There are a growing number of contaminants  beyond lead and heavy metals that are showing up in our drinking water including … dun dun dun… micro plastics. It almost makes sticking to bottled water appealing. Nope. More micro plastics are found in bottled water than tap. Did you know, the water in your purchased bottle may be from a source less clean than your own tap? Most companies are just filtering water from a municipal source anyway.

Water bottle and portable filter

So what’s a water dependent human being to do? Use your tap but check it out maybe, a better use of the internet than doom scrolling. Drink from glass or stainless steel - I have one of these and it is my constant companion. Then add some magic straight from the Mama herself - a portable filter. This little pod is a miracle - drawing out lead, fluoride, arsenic, chlorine, and all other manner of ick including micro plastics. It uses the power of diatomaceous earth and silver to purify and optimize the pH of any potable water source in just a couple of minutes. Oh, and as a tiny bonus silver explodes any bacteria or viruses that might be chillin in your beverage. For. The. Win.

Once again I’m telling you that you have to stay vigilant and understand that the damage that we humans have been doing for generations is not going to be fixed quickly or without effort. Once again the majority of that effort must come from the corporate world. Use your dollars to tell them to stop by not buying things packaged in plastic. Use your head to do your part because every little effort we make helps. Stay hydrated, amigos.

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