All Natural Vegan Deodorant- 3.25 oz


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Smooth application, smells great, love the...

Smooth application, smells great, love the plastic-free packaging!

Shelly Bailey
Works Great!

I bought this in the middle of summer, so it had a good workout. It did not disappoint! It was effective and long lasting. Love the packaging and am so glad to find a plastic free deodorant delivery system. There really is a lot of plastic waste with traditional deodorant. It was a minor challenge to find the best method of application for me with this product. I tried using my fingers, and wasn't crazy about it, although it does work to do it that way. I was happiest with using a tongue depressor. That made it easy to apply, and the depressor can be washed off and reused. It also allows me to reach to the bottom of the stick and reduce waste. I plan on continuing to use this product.

Mary Voigt
LOVE it!

This deodorant is just amazing. Weather/temperature can affect how this goes on your skin but you get used to how it applies. I used it on some of the hottest summer days when I was setting up floral decor for weddings in the blazing sun/heat and it kept me dry and no body odor! And it really does last.

Gray Gerhold
I've been using this deordorant for the pa...

I've been using this deordorant for the past 6 weeks. It has a nice light smell and surprisingly it lasted my whole work day. I didn't stink at the end of a 9.5 hour day! I am definitely a sweater and live in a very hot/humid environment so it was nice to use a natural deodorant and not smell like a beast haha. I would buy again.

Skyler Bosco
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