4 Pack Bamboo Electric Toothbrush Heads: Sonicare Compatible


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Love it!

My model wasn’t listed but I gave it a try anyway. It works but it doesn’t slide on all the way. Totally fine since they didn’t list it as a compatible model. Side note is I love the mouth feel of the bristles and the bamboo.

Optimistically Disappointed

ME Mother Earth is one of my favorite companies. I have bought quite a few of their products in the interest of making my home more sustainable and getting away from plastic, however, this has been my least product so far, and in it’s current state, I won’t be buying it again, or recommend it to others. There were three key factors in me making this decision.

The first key factor is that not all the brush heads fit. Even the ones that “do” really don’t. One of them I even had to jam down on to my brush. I know it’s compatible because I specifically bought this brush in order to use these heads. It’s a Philips Sonicare 9500, however, the heads really do not fit.

The second key factor is the bristle strength. I would say these bristles are FAR from medium. They are as soft as soft can get. They are not strong enough to brush away plaque.

The 3rd key factor is the vibration. The output of the vibration is significantly diminished with this brush. I believe it is because the brush is made of bamboo and not plastic. I think it effects the brushes ability to vibrate the head. Due to this, I am not getting as an effective brushing session as I normally would.

Because of it’s inability to fit on it’s intended brush, soft bristles, and diminished vibrational ability, I give this product a 2 out of 5.

The only reason I do not give this product a 1 is because people who can get over the wonky fit and enjoy a VERY soft brush with low vibrations, might like it.

Aras Fahey
I was so glad to find something a little m...

I was so glad to find something a little more eco-friendly while still following the recommendations of my dentist. Am reordering!

Arin Moen
Great Toothbrush handles exactly wat i was...

Great Toothbrush handles exactly wat i was looking for

Kris Wunsch
Fits my Sonicare 4100 great. Will repurcha...

Fits my Sonicare 4100 great. Will repurchase