Laundry Soap Concentrate Bar- 256 loads | me.motherearth.
Laundry Soap Concentrate Bar- 256 loads | me.motherearth.
Laundry Soap Concentrate Bar- 256 loads | me.motherearth.
Laundry Soap Concentrate Bar- 256 loads | me.motherearth.
Laundry Soap Concentrate Bar- 256 loads | me.motherearth.

Laundry Soap Concentrate Bar- 256 loads

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Dump the heavy plastic laundry soap jugs for this paste concentrate-to-liquid formulation. Cut and dissolve at home using just warm water and your own container. Makes 1-gallon of liquid laundry soap!

Each 3.5 oz laundry detergent bar dilutes to make enough liquid, plastic free laundry soap to wash up to 256 loads! You can refill the same container and drastically reduce waste at home.

Made with saponified oils of coconut & olive oil, soap nuts liquid, yucca powder for washing, baking soda for freshening, oxalic acid for whitening & stain lifting power, salt to soften the water and rosemary oleo resin to extend the shelf life. 

Benefits of Waste Free Laundry Detergent:

  • Low suds formulation.
  • Formulated for sensitive skin.
  • Tough on dirt and odor yet safe for baby clothes.
  • Great in both High Efficiency & Front Load washer machines.
  • Laundry Paste naturally softens clothes and reduces fading.
  • No need for a separate fabric softener saves you money.
  • Economical and space-saving. Dissolve the amount that works for you and your space.

How to Dissolve:

  1. One full bar of paste = one gallon (128 oz) water
  2. Half bar = 64 ounces water
  3. Quarter bar of paste = 32 ounces water
  4. Eighth bar of paste = 16 ounces water
  5. Sixteenth bar of paste = 8 ounces water

How to Use:

  1. Choose your container. 
  2. Cut the bar to size for that amount of water. You can dissolve the whole bar or fill a smaller container that works for you.
  3. Dissolve in warm water for up to 8 hours. 
  4. Use 1-4 tablespoons per load depending on load. 

Mother Earth Approved: Shipped in a small cardboard box with sticker to add to your own container. Each bar makes up to 256 loads of liquid laundry soap, reducing emissions and plastic waste from liquid laundry jugs.

Jar and tablespoon not included.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
The Best Laundry Soap

I love how clean and soft my clothes feel after washing with the Laundry Soap Bar!! I only make up 1/4 of the bar at a time. It is so simple to make up and use & it is made up of only healthy ingredients!
It is great to take while on a trip in case you need to do some wash. I can choose to make up only a small amount as needed.




I will not be going back to any liquid laundry detergent after this. Since it has no scent it doesn't cover up any unclean delayed wet laundry. Switch your laundry load immediately to the dryer and hang everything else asap. That being said - that's how laundry is supposed to be. Tiny package - huge results. Cost efficient, biodegradable, no waste, no scent. There is no downside.
We use a mason jar and only dilute the amount we need. Measure your soap usage with a dedicated tool like a shot glass and use half of it for normal loads.
If this was at Costco and Walmart all the other laundry soap brands would be out in trouble, as they should be.

Committed to Green Laundry

This was one of the easiest plastic-free switches I ever made. It smells so good and my clothes feel clean. Never going back to plastic detergent bottles again.

soap bar works wonderfully

I'm still skeptical with every load that so little can do so much, but it works perfectly even on truly disgusting pet messes.

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