Lotion Bars- Vegan


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Helps with dry skin during cold weather. S...

Helps with dry skin during cold weather. Smells great + no plastic!

Perfect lotion bar, great scent!

Perfect lotion bar, great scent!

Obsessed with this lavender body butter. G...

Obsessed with this lavender body butter. Glides on smoothly and smells divine.


Love this lotion bar so much that this is my second purchase. I noticed that it sells out fast and since they are hand made I thought it best that I go ahead and get another one quick. This bar goes on smooth and leaves me feeling soft and moisturized. You will NOT feel sticky like some solid lotion bars make you feel. They made this one good. Probably why it sells out so quick. This lotion lasts long on my skin and is easy to apply. It's also easy to carry around in my purse unlike the last tube of lotion I had that burst open and got all over everything. Once the bar is out, you can get the Refill Bar and pop it right in there. The tin can be recycled unlike the plastic tube that burst all in my purse. That won't happen with a tin. I love the Lavender scent on my skin and the softness I feel.

A nice alternative!

I've been looking for a solid lotion bar that works well, and now I've found it! This item shipped quickly and in perfect condition too. Arrived exactly as pictured and with no defects. The bar itself smells nice and applies slick as butter. My skin feels moisturized and smooth after just one application. I'm happy with my purchase and look forward to buying refills in the future!